Pinterest Hacks And Tips That Actually Work (Confirmed By Pinterest)

Have you been pinning consistently, following people, joining group boards, creating stunning content, etc., hoping for a traffic explosion, only to get a slow steady increase?


Have you been struggling with too many Pinterest strategies and constantly changing tactics without too much success?


You know that Pinterest is the second largest driver of referral traffic after Facebook.


And you have heard of all these bloggers and brands that attract millions of visitors to their websites with Pinterest.


And you want to become one of them!


There is good and bad news.


The bad news is that I can’t promise you a miracle that will bring thousands of visitors to your website overnight.


There is no such thing.


The good news is that in this post I will give you all the latest Pinterest hacks and tips that:

  • Consider the latest Pinterest updates
  • Are officially approved by Pinterest
  • Give you the best chance to increase your Pinterest traffic in 2018




Let’s start!


Pinterest launched some major updates in April 2018 directed towards business users.


In the light of these changes, Alisa Meredith from Tailwind hosted a live webinar with Sarah Hoople Shere, Head of Product Marketing at Pinterest.


At this webinar, they discussed the latest updates in detail and Sarah answered a lot of questions that were stirring hot discussions among bloggers.


After having listened to the webinar carefully and with my solid Pinterest knowledge as a background, I came up with a list of “The 10 Most Important Pinterest Hacks” that bloggers and content creators should implement straight away to kick-start their Pinterest strategy.


1| First five pins for the day


We should prioritize for distribution the first five pins we save during the day.


These are the pins that your followers will see in their Following tab.


When does the day start for Pinterest?


Apparently, that is midnight UTC.


So in other words, your first five pins for the day are the ones you first save after midnight UTC.


I would suggest going to google and checking what time is midnight UTC in your current time zone.


There is an important question I feel I have to clarify: Which pins are considered as “first five for the day”?


Are they pins we save to our own boards?


Or also pins that we save to group boards?


Until now, I am not able to get a firm answer on this one from Pinterest but based on my testing, Pinterest prioritizes the pins that you save to your own boards.


For the time being, I recommend the following: pin your “first 5” to own boards unless you’re SURE that some of your group boards outperform your own.


2| Your leading boards should be relevant


If you have been saving your own pins to a “Best of…” board, it is time to stop doing that.


This might still work if you have a very narrow niche.


But if you are blogging on travel, recipes, DIY tips, etc., and you collect all of these pins on one board, Pinterest will have a hard time to understand what this board is about.


And this could potentially hurt your Pinterest reputation.


You should save your pins first to several highly relevant boards.


Once Pinterest's algorithm catches the context of this pin, you can save it to bigger wider and less relevant boards to expose it to a greater audience.Click To Tweet


What is meant by context are keywords on the board title and description, as well as keywords on other pins on that board.


3| Create more new pins 


It was mentioned more than once in that webinar that Pinterest want fresh content.


And they want a lot of it.


We are now encouraged by Pinterest to create multiple pins for the same webpage.


This one is simple mathematics: the more pinnable images you have, the greater the chance to reach more people.


When you create multiple pins for the same post or product, it is better if you change the description, so that Pinterest knows it is a different pin.


It will also help you rank on Pinterest for different searches.


4| Engage with your followers


We are encouraged to interact more with our followers.


As Sarah explained, the first time you pin your content, it should go to the most relevant boards that you have.


The algorithm then looks at how this pin is perceived and how your followers engage with it to determine its worthiness.


That’s why it is important to keep your followers engaged.


You can leave comments on the pins of your followers if you have genuinely enjoyed a pin.


5| Pin every day manually


Pinterest wants  YOU on the platform and they want you there every day.


Even if you use Tailwind or Board Booster (or any other scheduling tool), you should try to manually pin at least a few pins every day.


They have made it official: consistent, daily activity is better than a once a week flurry.


And there is no such thing as pinning too much. You are encouraged to pin as much as you want.


6| No more rich pin information in the smart feed


After the latest updates, the pins are not showing anymore with all the rich pin information and just show the pin title and hashtags.


What does this mean?


Well, it means your image and any text is more important than ever, and the title of your page or blog post needs to engage the pinner immediately.


7| Keyword the right way


Keywording is the process of adding specific words from your niche that will allow Pinterest users to find the content they are searching for.


You are encouraged to put hashtags into your pin description, and it doesn’t matter where you put them – whether it’s before or after the actual pin description.


I put my hastgas after the pin description, for example:


“Pinterest Updates: Your New Winning Pinterest Strategy & Up-to-Date Hacks #pinterestprofile #pinterestupdates #pinterestmarketing #newprofile #followerstab #growyourblog #bloggingtips #socialmediamarketing #pinterestlatesttips #pinterestseo”


How to choose the keywords to use for your hashtags?


I have been following the same process for some time now and it works pretty well.


You go into the search bar and type some of your keywords into the Pinterest search box.


Like Google, you will see the most popular phrases associated with those keywords that appear as autocomplete options in the drop down.


Pinterest Keywords Search


Click search on one of those keywords in the Pinterest search box.


Below the Pinterest search box will appear the “Guides”.

Pinterest Guided Search

These are the words most commonly searched for the search term you entered.


You should try to embed these most commonly searched words into your keywords and hashtags.


8| The ideal pin size


Pinterest has been saying for years that the optimal Pin size is a 2:3 proportion.


For some time, that topped out at 736 x 1104 pixels, but they recently scaled down the size of the pin.


Now Pinterest says 600 x 900 pixels is the optimal pin size.


9| Don’t waste your time deleting pins


I have seen so many discussions about deleting or not deleting.


Many bloggers swear that their traffic spiked after deleting under-performing pins.


I personally believe that it was a pure coincidence.


Pinterest now made it official,  deleting pins doesn’t influence your Pinterest credibility.


10| Use the best social media sharing tool


You should enable your readers to save a pin from your site.


This easiest way is by installing a social sharing plugin.


There are multiple social sharing plugins available on the market.


But only one of them doesn’t impact your page speed, has a great design and comes packed with features for free.


That is Social Warfare.


Here is why I believe it is the best ultimate social sharing tool.


Bottom Line


Pinterest is constantly evolving and so should you.


What was working before, might not be applicable today.


You could stay in the game, should you chose to implement the above Pinterest hacks.

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Pinterest Hacks That Actually Work

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