Create the perfect blog step-by-step tutorial

A foolproof, step-by-step guide to create the perfect blog from scratch. Turn your dream into a full-time job that makes you money.

Have you settled for a job you are not passionate about that came with a decent paycheck and a promising career track?

Do you ever think that your job doesn’t fulfill you and you don’t really see the outcome of your work because you are just a small wheel  in a big engine?

You maybe daydreamed about quitting your office job to start a blog but you never got the courage to actually do it…

Well, most people's dream job remains just that. Fear of failure keeps them away from truly unfolding their potential.Click To Tweet


I’m sure you’ve heard this cliche enough, but I’ll say it again: you CAN have your dream job and there is one, very important thing that you need to succeed:




Hustle your bottoms off!

Let me guess, you are not starting the perfect blog you’ve been wanting to start, because you already have a very demanding job or two kids, or a hobby that occupies all of your spare time.

Then work on it at night.

Or in the weekends.

It will be very overwhelming, I know, but so damn EXCITING!

Creating the blog (life!) of your dreams isn’t far away, so keep on reading to learn more.

In this post I will teach you how to create the perfect blog.

I will give you a foolproof, step-by-step guide to starting your own blog.

If you follow my steps, you’re going to be amazed at how simple it is to create a blog.

Plus, you’re going to experience a sense of achievement and satisfaction when you really get going.

The 4 components you need to create the perfect blog in 2018:

  • A blogging niche
  • Self hosted website
  • Website speed
  • Your unique voice

Now let’s tackle each of these.

Having a blogging niche

I hope that you have already decided what your blog will be about.

Of course, you can always start a blog talking about anything and everything.

However, these types of blogs aren’t often as successful.

Many of them operate under the disguise: lifestyle blogs.

And while I have nothing against the broad definition of a lifestyle blog, I believe that you should choose one or two specific topics as your main focus.

Trust me, having a focus is important.

I had to learn that the hard way…

A few years ago I was writing

I considered it a lifestyle blog where I shared my opinion on variety of topics, such as: fashion, design, travel, healthy living.

I had a big fluctuation in the popularity  of my posts.

Some were doing great but many remained at a couple hundreds views.

After six months I gave up.

Think about it, how often do YOU land on a page to seek travel advice and you continue reading a chocolate brownie recipe?

I guess…almost never.

Unless you are purposelessly browsing the net.

Which none of us has the time for.

People search the Internet to solve a specific problem.

They are bound to read a related article on the same topic and much less likely to read an off topic one.

To build a successful blog quickly, you don’t want to aim for a variety of target audiences.

It’s much better to be the PERFECT fit for a specific type of reader than just an OK fit for lots of different readers.Click To Tweet


Self-hosted website

If you have already decided on your niche and have a bunch of brilliant post ideas waiting to be published, here are the exact steps that keep you 15 minutes from creating the perfect blog.

I have made things easy for you and you don’t need to have any technical knowledge and experience.

You will have to complete 4 steps:

1| Register a domain

2| Select a hosting plan 

3| Install your blogging platform (WordPress)

4| Install a theme

And there you go, you are the proud owner a professional-looking blog!

1| Register a domain

The domain name is the www name of your blog.

My domain name is

Choosing a domain name that’s available and not already used by somebody else will decide your business’, ultimately, your blog’s name.

The thing is, many of the names you might choose for your blog are already taken.

You will want something that is memorable, unique to you and your business and also something that might relate to your main keywords for SEO purposes.

And I have a smart tip on how to do that for FOR FREE.

Search godaddy for available domains and when you find yours, purchase it from your hosting provider.

Why I recommend doing that?

Because godaddy have a smart search algorithm and they come up with a list of similar domain names that might be a good fit for you.

And this is very helpful.

The reason that I recommend purchasing your domain name from your hosting provider is because it is much easier to set it up.

The hosting company, see below why I recommend Siteground, is going to take care of connecting the domain name with your hosting provider servers.

This means you’ll have everything configured to work together right out of the box.

Let’s tackle this with an example.

Let’s assume you want to setup a mommy blog and you would like to have “mom” and “blog” as keywords in your domain name.

An idea of a good domain, ultimately a blog name, would be

Search GoDaddy for the following domain:


You will receive the message that this domain is already taken and a list of selected domains that are available:

GoDaddySearch 2

In the list of selected domains, you will see available to purchase for only £0.99.


IMO thismommyblogs is even a better choice of a blog name than thismomblogs. 

The name is more catchy and easy to remember.

After you have found your domain name, go to Siteground and register it there together with a hosting plan.

I show you how to do that in the next step.

2| Choose a hosting plan

Why is it so important to have a self-hosted website, you may ask.

Unless you pay for a hosting plan, you will have the WordPress or Blogger domain tacked onto yours, such as

And this doesn’t look professional.

So if you want to create a blog that is setup for success, you will have to pay for a hosting plan.

It is difficult to find an honest review of any host provider on the web.

I can tell you which provider I am using and why I chose them.


Thumbs UP for these guys!

The main reasons why I choose them before any other hosting provider:

  • Siteground give my website incredible speed.

And this is important not only because of user experience but because your site has to be fast if you want to rank high in google searches. I tell you more about website speed below.

  • Their customer service is superb!

They have online customer service available through chat whereby a tech guy will help with you any issue you might have.

And this issue may not be related to hosting.

They would help you with any other technical question you might have and as a new blogger you are likely to have a lot of questions!

And their whole service would only cost you $63,35 for 1 year ($47,40 hosting and $15,95 for the domain registration)!

After you have decided on your domain and blog name as per  step 1, it is time to setup the hosting and connect it to your domain name.

Select register a New Domain, enter your desired domain name and select proceed:


On the next page, you have to create your account and enter your payment information.

If you don’t want to purchase Domain Privacy and SG Site Scanner, which you don’t need to begin with, unselect the following check boxes:

Siteground_WebHosting 2

And click on PAY NOW.

After you have completed the purchase, you should see the following message.

Siteground_WebHosting 3

Select proceed to customer area.

Your account will be created and you, my friend, will be a proud owner of web hosting and a domain name.

Now we just have to get you set up with WordPress!

3| Install a blogging platform (WordPress)

On the next window, select the option Start a new website at

The method is fully automatic, and uses SiteGround’s WordPress Setup Wizard.

If you’ve been worried about installing WordPress, you need not worry any longer – it only takes a few clicks.

Select the type of site you want to install and WordPress as a software option.


On the next screen, you need to set up your log-in information and Siteground Account Setup Wizard will go ahead and install WordPress on your server.


4| Install a theme

SiteGround gives you the option of choosing one of their free design templates, that they would install at the same time they install WordPress on your server.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this and I will show you how to get a much nicer looking and faster free theme for your blog instead.

If you don’t select one of the suggested templates, WordPress will be installed with its default basic theme.

Proceed further without selecting a theme and complete the setup.

Why do I recommend installing a theme separately?

Finding the right theme for your blog may be a very exhausting.

There are literally thousands of paid and free WP themes.

At the same time, the theme you choose is very important because your blog should have a modern looking design and a fast loading speed.

The looks and speed of your blog are determined by the theme you choose to install.Click To Tweet

I have shortlisted 5 free themes that are elegant, have all the features you need and are fast to load.

They all have this clean minimalist (xo-xo what a surprise!) look to them .

You can click on each link to see the demo and download the theme:

This minimal yet refreshingly clean theme is everything you’d need to create a trending content blog.

Dazzling is a clean, modern and responsive flat design WordPress theme with pixel perfect design and outstanding functionality that can easily compete with paid themes.

Gorgeous, super clean, and feature packed, Kale is perfect for life style, personal, food and recipe blogs.

Juliet is a feminine-style blogging theme for lifestyle, personal, and fashion blogs and is all that you need to create a stylish and trending blog website.

This visually stunning and responsive design theme has a completely unique personality. As such, Writee suits writers with a passion for creative writing and personal blogging.

After you have selected the theme that suits your style and needs, download the theme files.

I will show you how to do that with an example.

Let’s assume you have selected Activello.

From the theme page, select the download button

How to install a WP theme

You will download a .zip file that has to be then uploaded to your WordPress.

Log in to your WordPress dashboard.

To log into WordPress you have to go and enter your credentials that you created in the previous step (admin and password).


In your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes > Add New

Install Theme_2

From there you’ll see an option for Upload at the top of the screen. Click the Choose File button, navigate your computer files and select the .ZIP file you downloaded above and click on Install Now.

Install Theme_3

The installation will take a minute and you will receive the following success message:

Install Theme_4

You can preview the design and if you are happy with it, to complete the setup, you should Activate the theme.

If you stayed with me till the end,  you should now have your own professional-looking blog, that is setup for success.

And all of this is in less than 20 minutes!

I know that this post is already very long but before I go, I would like to highlight two very important elements to create the perfect blog and potentially earn money from it.

Website Speed

Your customers, readers, and website visitors make an instant judgement about you and your business.

You have a couple of seconds to convince them to stay on your website.

It’s pure psychology.

We consider fast websites to be professional and reliable. We relate speed to efficiency, trust, and confidence.

Another reason why website speed is so-o important is SEO rankings and organic traffic.

Google monitors website performance and counts it as a signal towards SEO rankings.Click To Tweet

In other words, if your blog is slow, you have no chance of ever appearing on a first page of a google search result.

So I urge you, dear-fellow-blogger, make sure your blog is fast.

And you can do that by two simple things:

  • making sure the theme you choose is fast to load
  • NOT installing every plug-in you see

Plug-ins slow down your website performance and the number one mistake many new bloggers make is install a lot of them.

And if you have already installed a lot plug-ins, it is very difficult to troubleshoot and figure out which ones are causing the bad performance.

That’s why I beg you – think twice before you install any plug-in.

Read all the reviews and do your research thoroughly.

You really don’t need that many plug-ins to run a professional blog.

Your Unique Voice

I would like to close this post by saying something very important.

You probably fear that you are not going to invent the wheel, be original and say something unique in your blog.

You are probably afraid that someone else has already been there, done that.

Well let me tell you: IT DOESN’T MATTER!

You have your unique voice and perspective.

We, people, are bound to want to read articles on the same topic over and over again.

Because every other read brings a different perspective to the same subject.

So don’t be afraid to be a cliche.

You have your own unique voice!

If you still have the energy to have more awesome blog lessons, learn which is the best free social sharing plug-in for your blog.

And here, you will find out which is the best free email marketing service for bloggers and small businesses and why you need to setup email marketing from the start.

Finally if you have enjoyed this tutorial, sign up to my newsletter and you will receive a ton of free awesome lessons that will help you grow your blog.

All love,


How to create the perfect blog in 2018. The step-by-step tutorial that will teach you how to setup a professional looking blog that makes you money.


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